Erotic swinging party for concupiscent legal age teenagers

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12,871 5m 09s Jun-07, 2020

I like to think that I was living my life only once. But at least one of the girls in my class insisted to go out with her boyfriend and have a party and have sex after the party. This is the situation when the young lady started to ask me to accompany her and go to a nightclub with her. The guy told me that if he would have it with his lady, he would have done it with his best friend. But the lady didn't think that if he wanted to make a difference with his wife he could have a great party with him and with his friends. There were many things that were the same for him and I was one of them. I told her that I would stay with my best friend to make a good party and we started having sex, after which I joined the guy and she fucked him.

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