These are my favorite knee-high socks joi

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HD 96,796 10m 06s Jun-20, 2020

Kayla Carrera is a real beauty with her unique and sexy pair of socks. She's in her favorite pair of socks while her man is cleaning, but her favorite thing is to take a wild dip in the pool and let his body soak in the sun. He has been sleeping in his secluded place and she has been staying with him in that bed without him even touching her before her husband wakes up. She has been afraid that she is going to be the one to fuck with him and what a surprise he's gotten, but what a surprise when he's done with Kayla now and begins to nibble on her toes until he gives her the leg. She feels a little bit sad because he didn't even tell her to put those socks on when she leaves her room and comes into his house. She likes to be penetrated and she likes it when she gets to be on top of him and to be on top of him. It's amazing what she can do when she gets to have her feet tied up and she gets to have her breasts drenched in his spunk so she can taste it. She's a woman of many experiences and she's learning her body's secrets as she slowly undresses, giving it a good probing to see if she wants to be fucked that way or if she's going to lose her mind. We love hearing her through all of her tribbing.

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